Balance of power?

Eliane Houlette, procureur affaire Fillon

We have been around and about the world to talk about elections. We have met interesting people, hard-working people, living in lovely but unstable countries where democracy is a magic word.

When we look back at those exchanges, we have doubts about their value.  As far as our teaching  goes, what can be said about these  democratic models that are sold and sometimes imposed, ?

Take the French political model as an example.  A prosecutor interferes with a national election. This  new prosecutor was a reaction to the Cahuzac affair during Hollande’s presidency.

The apparent reasons for the  interference in  the 2017 elections lie in the fact that the law concerning the hiring of family by those who hold elected office at the national level was poorly drafted and vague.  But we are a civilized nation! So that should not be. And yet it was.  As a result, voter reaction was expressed by a historically low turnout.

All my life I have taught about democracy.  What will happen now?  Students that see me come in through the door, will look at each other with a grin. How did this happen?  A lot of work still need to be done.

Laws that are voted as a result of a scandal are notoriously flawed. This hastily invented public prosecutor’s office on financial affairs had nefarious consequences on French democracy.  So you see, democracy is not only a question of holding elections.

We have to thank John Williams for his huge amount of information.

Willuam Dow

François Fillon, ex Prime Minister