Syria: Russia arrives and ISIS is on the run

Bernard Owen

A few years back the West decided to intervene in the Middle East in order to impose democratic systems. As we know those interventions have not been a success.
The second Iraqi war was brought about on false pretenses. The Kurdish region of Irak had been detatched from Irak’s central authority. But the Kurds have been the only ones able to stop ISIS. Of course, this has repercussions on Turkey.
United States NGO’s, which have been in Egypt for quite a long time, offered bad advise as far as institutions go so it was not surprising that they did not work. As for Libya, what had been a organized State became a anarchic land of tribes and militia with, of course, the presence of ISIS. The head of that State, who was killed, had maintained peace in the Sahel region, and helped surrounding countries.
Syria appeared on the same track but the Russian Federation moved in for reasons we have already mentioned. However, whatever the reason, ISIS now retreating throughout theregion.
By suggesting a negotiation for humanitarian reasons, the U.N. forgets the realities of war and of military engagements. The golden rule is that one negotiates once the war is over. Sorry but this is what we have seen throughout history.