The Prime Minister Of Turkey Changes His Mind About Syria.

Bernard Owen, Maria Rodriguez-McKey
(Information obtained from Al Jazeera)

A wind of change can be felt along the Turkish-Syrian border. We have previously shown how surprising it was that the Kurdish PPK para-military organization was fighting ISIL in Syria while the Turkish authorities were putting in jail the officers of the well-trained Turkish army. Of course, there are reasons for this. When President Bush Sr. split the Iraki Kurdish area from the control of Sadam Hussein so this zone became quite autonomous and powerful. As a result of this, he Turkish-Iraki border has moved north. If so, and considering the efficiency of the Turkish army, why imprison many of their members, including high-ranking ones?
The only plausible answer is that the civil authorities were well aware that the military would attack Jarablus alongside the coalition. The United States was the deciding factor because it had to get rid of the YPP which could be considered as an upshoot of the PKK against which the Turks have been fighting for twenty years. The US had the upper-hand and everyone had to accomplish its wishes. In early August the YPP had already won against ISIL on rategic points. The declarations of the YPP show clearly their hatred of Turkey. Of course, fighting between allies can be dangerous.
The issue of the accidental shooting of the Russian war plane by the Turks has been settled. The Turks had until now cried out loud for the departure of Bashar El-Assad but the Turkish prime minister has changed his mind. The same week the prime minister said that Assad was one of the players in Syria and that he should stay at least until the transition is organized, which happens to be th wish of Russia, Iran and the US-lead coalition. It is now possible to envisage that Assad is no longer perceived as persona non grata by the West.